London (England) // Dirty Burger

Hidden away within East Londons famous Shoreditch, in a small and modest barn style location you can find the infamous Dirty Burger. Almost perfect timing within Londons burger boom and now a staple in Londons food scene. Within the scheme of me pretending to be a big shot foodblogger and Videographer I even had insight […]


Norrköping (Schweden) // Lingonfabriken

Burger of the best meat, produced in cooporation with the local bucher Skönero. Served, N.Y. style, in a basket with chips and their own lingonberry-BBQ-dip. Location Lingonfabriken Olai Kyrkogata 37 602 32 Norrköping Sweden Other locations: Lingonfabriken is only found in Norrköping, they got no other restaurants. Burger diversity: No diversity. They only got […]