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Hidden away within East Londons famous Shoreditch, in a small and modest barn style location you can find the infamous Dirty Burger. Almost perfect timing within Londons burger boom and now a staple in Londons food scene. Within the scheme of me pretending to be a big shot foodblogger and Videographer I even had insight to the behind the scene views of the kitchen. Me having tested multiple burgers in London my expectations were quite high.


Dirty Burger
Location Shoreditch London
13 Bethnal Green Road
London E1 6LA
United Kingdom

Other locations: There are LOADS of Dirty Burgers in London.
Burger diversity
: They only have two different burgers one with bacon and one without which is quite cool. Plus the veggi version as well.

Rating ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

What was ordered? Dirty Bacon Burger
Burger: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

In words: As a chef i was looking for specific points which are really important to me. I want an amazing stable bun, I want meat thats still pink and juicy. This place didn’t disappoint. They use the technique of the smashburger to cook their burgers. A light smash of a beef ball on the flattop with highest quality british beef. With this technique it is hard to acquire a medium and pink patty but the lady cooking my burger surprisingly perfectly pink. Afterwards she added some mustard whilst the burger was cooking and steamed it with some water. Something really special was that the bacon added to the burger was bigger than the patty itself! Pure gluttonous thick slabbed bacon. Indulgence on the highest level. The condiments, the bun and the patty combined resemble the most amazing nostalgic american diner burger.

Great experience with views behind the scenes. The location resembles a cowboy saloon with revolving doors and wooden interior. When it came time to test my burger Itireally did it for me. I felt the combination was really through since the competitiveness of other burgers reconsiders the quality and creativity of other burger stores. Hand cut fries seems to be the standard of London and onion rings belong to it as well. I feel like this place deserves more recognition, being the only burger restaurant of this caliber in London which is really considered fast food instead of a restaurant style dining it really accomplishes to impress.

Until the next burger,
Ben Julian Sumadiwiria

BenTen_rundAbout the guest blogger:
Im Ben Sumadiwiria and I’m a professional Chef from Berlin Germany, I spend all my money on food instead of strip clubs and I make sure to create the upmost perfect version of any food with the help of science and technique. I currently work in Abu Dhabi as an inflight Chef for Etihad Airways. My YouTube Channel:

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